BEMA House Here is a portion of the main document that we have distributed for the opening of the BEMA House.  This document will hang right inside the door and be seen by anyone who enters the house. 

For those of you who are not residents but would still like to join us in our pursuit of discipleship at the house, please know that you are always welcome at the house.  We invite you to join us in the BEMA Goals listed below and join the conversation we will be started as we pursue God together!

Welcome to the BEMA House!  If you are a guest/visitor here, we hope you feel welcome and experience the peace of God in a way that is unique here.

For our residents, we wanted to outline some of the expectations for living in the house.  We want to stay away from the language of rules or the “strictness” of covenants at this point, but we do want to talk about how we can respect, serve and love one another by adhering to some basic expectations.  We may add to this list over time.

Three basic principles govern the BEMA House:
COMMUNITY – We will seek to be intentional about building community.
                  We will congregate together; we don’t want to always be gone, just using the house as a place to sleep.
BEMA Discipleship – We will seek to be involved in the discipleship process.
                  Come to class as often as you can.  Attempt to meet the goals listed below.
PURSUING GOD – We will seek to create space for God through spiritual practices.
This house is supposed to be unique because we have created intentional space to experience God in some unique ways.  We will try to become people that walk as Jesus walked.
Here are the BEMA Goals that are spoken of above for all house residents:
     Spend time with God every day (pray, use a devotional, it’s up to you)
     Memorize a paragraph (or more) of the Text each week
     Read a chapter a day in a book of your choice (5 days a week; can be Bible, but doesn’t have to be)
     Write out a portion of the Text every day (roughly half a chapter; 5 days a week)
     Be involved with a “Life Group”  (talk to Marty about this; we’re setting this up for you)

We also want to encourage you to pick another spiritual discipline of your choice to observe at your own pace and leisure.  Marty will provide a list of possibilities.  We will walk through all of these things together on a regular basis.  A Sabbath rest is not mandatory, but is highly encouraged.