On the night of Sunday, September 13, join us as we kick off Rosh Hashanah (the Jewish new year). We will dip apples in honey and celebrate the things God has done in the last year.  We blow shofars that night through the next day and feast in celebration of what has happened.  

Leshanah tovah tekatiev veteichatiem!

“10 days” of Awe

For the next week we practice some form of self-denial (think of Lent, same idea) and reflect on our sins (write them down on small piece of paper that no one will see) both as individuals and as a community.


This is the Day of Atonement.  Starting at sundown on Tuesday, September 22, we fast from all food and drink (except water) for 26 hours.  It is a solemn day of repentance; there is no bathing, no anointing, and no “fixing up” of oneself.  We take our small piece of paper and perform tashlich.  Then, when it is all done, we feast!


Starting on the night of September 26, we stay in tents (which can be set up indoors if desired) for seven nights.  We remember the ways that God provided for His people in the desert for 40 years.  We tell stories as families about God’s provision and we celebrate for a week.  Each night we read some of Deuteronomy, so that we read the entire book during the celebration.